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End the era of tax havens so that we can end poverty

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President Obama: In your State of the Union address last week, you said that "after years of record corporate profits, working families won't get more opportunity or bigger pay checks just by letting big banks or big oil or hedge funds make their own rules at everybody else's expense.

You are right. Multinational corporations take advantage of loopholes and secret tax havens to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. And as you well know, when big corporations don't pay, individuals and small businesses must pay more for vital public services.

Roads, bridges, hospitals, and schools funded by taxes are essential tools in ending extreme inequality and could help lift millions of people out of poverty.

When taxation works fairly, the majority benefit. But taxation is not working as it should.

It's not working for the 896 million people living in extreme poverty.

It's not working for the 57 million children deprived of an education.

Or the 663 million people with no access to clean, safe water.

A worldwide network of tax havens allows multinational companies and rich individuals to avoid paying hundreds of billions in tax. Poorer countries in particular suffer the consequences: they are deprived of funds to provide services like health and education, and to tackle poverty.

Ultimately, governments need to act together to force this system to end. So we, American citizens, are asking you to turn your words into action and work together with your counterparts across the world to create a tax system that works for the many, not the few.

We call on you to put an end to the era of tax havens by:

– Forcing big corporations to publically disclose where they do business and where they pay taxes Ending the use of secret shell companies to ensure that money cannot be moved around anonymously to avoid paying tax

– Supporting more effective cooperation between countries to end unfair tax practices and harmful tax competition between countries

As long as our world leaders work on behalf of the many, we can make the world a fairer place. So please commit to ending tax havens.

Thank you.


Multinational companies are amassing more and more wealth and political power, at the expense of regular citizens. Big corporations play by a different set of tax rules, taking advantage of a secret network of tax havens around the world. The less tax big corporations pay means the more that citizens and small businesses have to pay. This hurts Americans as well as citizens of developing countries.

We must work together and call on world leaders to end the use of tax havens, once and for all. Add your name to our letter to President Obama, and let's end the era of tax havens.

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