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Close the Gap

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Indigenous Australians can expect to live 10–17 years less than other Australians. Babies born to Aboriginal mothers die at more than twice the rate of other Australian babies, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience higher rates of preventable illness such as heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes. 

Is this the Australia you want? 

Join us in demanding Indigenous health equality within a generation. Sign the pledge to Close the Gap.

Pledge to Close the Gap

I call on the Australian Government to honour their commitments and take immediate action to:

1. Provide adequate and long-term funding to Aboriginal Community controlled health services who are at the frontline of closing the gap; 

2. Invest in real partnerships and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities around the planning and delivery of health service; and 

3. Address critical social issues including housing, education and high incarceration rates that contribute to the health crisis affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. 

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