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End the violence, stop the Agua Zarca dam

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UPDATE 10 May 2016:  

Following arrests in the investigation into the murder of Berta Caceres and public pressure from across the world, FMO, and Finnfund have announced they are seeking an exit from their involvement in the project. CABEI, and Voith-Hydro put their involvement in the project on hold.

But we need to keep up the pressure on the companies involved. Local Indigenous communities were not properly consulted before the project was approved, as required by international law. Only a full and permanent withdrawal by all companies will help stop the violence.

Berta Cáceres took a courageous stand to protect the land and natural resources her community depend on. As a result, she was brutally murdered. Take action to support Berta’s work, and stop the violence.

Join the fight and call on all investors and companies involved in the Agua Zarca dam project to withdraw their funding and involvement now.

The project, which is not yet built, is strongly but peacefully opposed by the Lenca people. They face losing their access to the river Gualcarque, an important sacred site and a major source of water and food. Standing up against powerful interests is dangerous and Ms Cáceres’ is the latest murder of land activists – in Honduras and across the world.

As a member of the Lenca Indigenous group, Berta Cáceres co-founded COPINH to fight for iIndigenous rights. She led the peaceful opposition to the building of a project that would alter a river sacred to the Lenca people,  and limit their access to drinking water and food. For this she paid with her life.

Berta’s family and members of her organisation are also clearly under threat. We ask the Honduran government, to ensure the security and safety of Berta’s family and members of the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH).

Less than two weeks after Berta Cáceres was murdered, another land activist and COPINH member was killed in Honduras. Nelson García was supporting Lenca people who were being evicted from their land when he was shot and killed.

International investors and companies have no place now in continuing their support for the Agua Zarca dam project she was fighting against.

The regional Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI),  the Dutch development bank FMO, Finnfund from Finland, and the Voith-Hydro (Siemens) engineering partnership from Germany, who are supplying equipment for the project, must withdraw.

FMO, FinnFund and CABEI have announced suspension of their operations in Honduras, including the Agua Zarca dam. This is a welcome move, but not enough. All investors need to withdraw fully from the project immediately.

End the violence, stop the Agua Zarca dam project.

This campaign is part of the Land Rights Now campaign

Join Berta’s Fight

To CABEI, FMO, FinnFund and Voith-Hydro (Siemens): As the main backers of the Agua Zarca project, you must withdraw from this project immediately following the murder of Berta Cáceres.

To the Honduran Government: you must urgently guarantee the security and safety of the family of Ms Cáceres and members of the indigenous rights organisation COPINH, and ensure a full, independent investigation is carried out under the supervision of an international commission of experts.


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