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Make tax fair

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Thanks to everyone who took part. Together we made tax dodging top of the agenda at a crucial UN meeting in July 2015.  

Rich countries rejected demands from poorer nations for the creation of a global tax body where all countries will have an equal say in setting the tax rules. While this is a disappointing outcome, with your support, we have made giant leaps forward.

The fight for the Global Tax Body will continue so that writing tax rules isn’t left to the tax dodgers and the countries that host them. Watch this space for next steps on the campaign.

For more information about Oxfam's campaigning on tax and inequality click here

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Make tax fair

We were many: Nearly 200,000 people took action from across our movement to call for a global tax body. Over 50 groups from across 40 countries were part of a global week of action for Tax Justice.

We set the agenda: Tax was not high on the UN agenda before we put it there.

We stood with developing countries: With your support we backed poor countries to hold push hard for global tax reform, forcing the negotiations to the wire. Although we didn’t win this battle we know that the fight for fair tax rules will go on.

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