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Inequality is out of control. The wealth of the richest 1% is more than the rest of the world combined. How is it fair that a select few have more money than they could spend in several lifetimes, while millions of people around the world struggle to buy food for their families or send their children to school?

We must take action.

The gap between the rich and poor is hurting us all, and standing in the way of ending poverty. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Such extreme inequality is the result of political and economic choices, and from rules that have been rigged in favour of the richest.  We know the solutions to make the world a fairer place.  

What we're asking for.

Together we must call on governments to:

- Ensure tax systems are fair, and free of loopholes so that the richest pay their fair share.

- Invest tax revenue in vital public services  like universal healthcare and education.

- Make sure everyone has decent jobs with fair pay.

- Ensure economic policies work to close the gap between women and men.

- Work for their citizens, first. The interests of the richest can no longer be put ahead of those of the rest of us.

The world is ready to act, are you?


It’s time to Even it up!

To World Leaders,
The world needn’t be an unequal place. I believe that everyone should have a fair say, pay their fair share of tax, have equal access to good healthcare and education, and decent wages. I call on you to take action to end extreme inequality in 2016.

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