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Join Teddy’s fight for land rights

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Teddy Guerra Magin is a 30-year-old community leader in the northern Peruvian Amazon, on the border of Ecuador.  He lives in Nuevo Andoas, Loreto, a Quechua community located on the banks of the river Pastaza which has been exposed to severe changes since the government allowed companies to come in and drill for oil on their lands without the community’s consent.  

For the last 45 years, their ancestral lands have been used to extract hydrocarbons. Thousands of barrels of crude oil, and toxic brine were spilt in the process, poisoning the rivers and people. As a result of the repeated contamination no one is safe; many families have suffered health issues.

Teddy, like his father before him, has been active and vocal in organising the indigenous peoples of the region, documenting the contamination and calling on authorities to respect their fundamental rights and guarantee a decent and healthy life on their land. He represents a new generation of Quechua continuing the fight for their rights. The integral entitlement of their lands would allow for greater possibilities for negotiation, development and would increase their quality of life.

As it stands, the communities in Nuevo Andoas cannot fully enjoy their territories without action from the Peruvian government. Teddy is leading the effort to get the Quechua integral land rights before any more concessions are given to oil companies.

Stand with Teddy and the rest of the Quechua communities calling on the government to recognise their land rights.

Give the Quechua their land

To the Government of Peru:

Teddy Guerra and his community have suffered for too long from contamination without titles to their land. You must put people before profit and recogise the land rights of the Quechua community immediately. You must also commit to respect the land rights of all communities across Peru.

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